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As one of the only company's in the Irish wedding film business we offer couples the opportunity to have us capture your full wedding day and you pay for it after the big day.


For a small retainer fee, we will provide the ' Full Day Film' package to couples in the South East of Ireland this amazing pay later package giving you some breathing space and not worry about paying another vendor for something they would love to have and cherish for the rest of there lives. 


If the criteria below suits you then we would love to offer this service to you.



Your wedding must be in Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, or Carlow. 

Your wedding must be no further than six months away from the time you book the 'Pay Later' package. 

You must pay a retainer of €150 to hold the date and must be paid in full at the time of booking. 

You must make full payment for the "Full Day Film" package within 3 months after your wedding of €1499. 

If you make the full payment within two weeks after your wedding we will use your retainer of €150 as a down payment, the amount owed would be €1349.00

No films will be delivered until the full amount has been paid.

To allow time to elapse after the 3 months you risk losing all your wedding film footage. We will be in contact with you before this risk becomes a reality. 

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