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Wedding Cinematography

Hello! I'm John,

Wedding cinematographer in Ireland

Hi, my name is John and I have been apart of Irish weddings for over 20 years in many different forms. Ever since I could earn money I have always purchased video and camera equipment and always had the passion to create content. I love the massive shift in how Irish weddings are now shot, its a world of a difference from how it was done just a decade ago. I want to be part of this movement and how we can now make couples look like they are starring in there very own Hollywood movie. 

While still holding true to our values and allowing couples to just enjoy there day without much intervention from us, we want nature shots, emotions and every other feeling that comes with a family wedding to shine through on your film. 

So if you want a non-intrusive approach with minimal interaction from us then we could be the right fit for you. 

My approach on the day is to find the raw emotions of the day with not just the couple but your nearest and dearest, we love to add kids and grandparents when possible while using an artistic approach to all our shots.  

© 2019 by John O Connor.

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